The Zucchini is Dead. Long Live the Zucchini!

Just about one month after my Zucchini Emergency, when I discovered Squash Vine Borers killing it, I have a new, healthy looking zucchini plant. The old one died shortly after my post. And I planted this one immediately.

The bad news is that I caught one of these bad boys red handed, trying to lay eggs:

I shooed her away and inspected the plant for the tiny orange eggs. I found maybe half a dozen and squashed them. I'm keeping a lookout for more. If all goes well, I should get my first zucchini in about a month.

Build a Bat House to Save Bats from "White-Nose" Fungus

The mysterious "white-nose" fungus that appeared on bats in the Northeast U.S. out of nowhere in 2006 could drive them to extinction within 20 years according to research published this week in Science. Whether you find bats cute or creepy, they're important because they eat insects, including mosquitoes. The 1 million bats that have died since 2006 would have eaten 694 tons of insects each year. That's hundreds of trillions of individual insects!

Bat ecologist Thomas Kunz of Boston University suggests building a bat house to provide bats a better summer habitat.

Photos credit: bcostin.