Don't shop at

I'm indulging in a bit of bloggers revenge here, but they deserve it. I'll keep the story short.

On June 21 I ordered 5 Soji Solar Lanterns from for a total of $110.23.

Since I wanted them for a barbecue I was having the following weekend, I paid extra for 2nd day air shipping. On June 25, they still had not arrived. I called Yardiac's customer service and was told that my lanterns had still not left the warehouse. I canceled the order and bought something similar in a brick and mortar store nearby. A few days later, I notice on my credit card statement that Yardiac charged me for the lanterns that never shipped. I've been shopping online for a decade now, and I don't think I've ever been charged for something before it's shipped. On top of that, there was no credit for my cancellation! I called Yardiac's customer service again and was told that my pending credit was being processed by their credit department and that it would take 7-10 business days. Interesting. Yardiac jumped the gun to charge me, but are dragging their feet to credit me. As of today, it's been another credit card cycle and I still have no credit from Yardiac. So I filed a dispute with the credit card company.

To summarize: don't do business with!

It's impossible to tell if Yardiac is extremely stupid or malicious or both. One could imagine that the inconsistency in how quickly Yardiac charges you versus credits you could be part of a scheme to keep more sales on their books at the end of the month, or before they go under, or are sold.

Update: Many similar stories about Yardiac are posted here. They definitely have a pattern of charging customers before items are shipped and not crediting them when they cancel.


  1. I'd like to suggest you post this at This is a blog run by Consumers Union, the parent company of Consumers Report, and they exist to expose frauds like this. They are read by thousands of people daily. You might get some satisfaction from sharing your story and helping people avoid your experience.

    Good luck!

    Lori K

  2. whew, I was considering adding them as an affiliate to my site, but I'm glad I found this post and your other links.