Another baby veggie update

A friend sent me this video after seeing my last post in which I compared corn to Beeker from the muppets. So on this evenings garden walk, I noticed that the corn now resembles Animal.

I also noticed my first baby bell pepper

and an eggplant!

My neighbors might think I'm crazy. Every time I see a new baby vegetable for the first time, such as with this eggplant, I squeal outloud "OMG, an EGGPLANT!" Then I repeat, "Max, it's an eggplant!" as if I'm talking to my dog and as if that makes me sound less crazy.

Baby Vegetables!

Watching baby vegetables develop is probably the most exciting and satisfying part of vegetable gardening. It's part of what makes you feel connected to your food. The tomato I eat in a few weeks will be one that I've watched grow from the beginning. It's also fun to learn what vegetables look like as they grow. In previous years, I've only grown tomatoes and cucumbers. I've watched the flowers turn, overnight, into tiny, green fruits that grow rapidly, and then, in the case of tomatoes, turn from green to red at an agonizingly slow pace.

But I've never grown corn before. It wasn't until this past week, when my stalks grew taller than myself that I learned how ears of corn develop. First the male flower emerges from the top of the stalk.

Then bulges form under the leaves, along the stalk, with tufts of hair poking out where the leaf meets the stalk. These are the female flowers which become ears of corn.

They remind me of Beeker from the Muppets.

I wonder how many ears of corn I'll get. So far, some of my stalks seem to have two bulges forming. I only have 5 mature plants right now. They grow very quickly, and it could stay warm here until October, so I'm thinking of planting more.

In other news, my squash plant is just entering the flowering stage. It looks pretty happy despite having been squashed as a seedling by Max (again).

Many beans are forming.

The first tomatoes are emerging. These are cherry tomatoes, so they should ripen quickly. I need to cage them ASAP.

This eggplant flower seems poised to actually become an eggplant. The first few flowers dropped because we had too much rain. There are lots of blossoms on my plants, so I'm looking at a lot of baba ghanoush.

And Mimi gets in touch with her ancient roots by protecting my vegetables from rabbits and rodents. Or at least she's trying -- she doesn't know that they don't eat hot peppers anyway!