Tiger Mosquitoes: They're Ba-ack

The mosquito population is just out of control. Even in the daytime, tiger mosquitoes are out in full force. Tonight I got eaten alive while watering my veggie garden. I'm not the type of wuss to complain about one or two bites. I'm talking about 20 bites in about 10 minutes.

I'm not the only one who's noticed. The mosquito population is officially out of control according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. From WBOC:
The Maryland Department of Agriculture says the state's mosquito population is getting out of control. Officials say they current population is the most that they have seen in years.

Department of Agriculture officials say the region's heavy rainfall is causing a boost in the number of mosquitoes. Mosquito control field crews estimate the population by counting the number of females that land on the front of their bodies.

"Typically, this time of year we expect maybe 10 or 12 mosquitoes per minute. Right now. we are experiencing numbers upward toward 80-90 mosquitoes landing on us in one minute," said Daniel Schamberger, a Department of Agriculture spokesman.

I have the pheremone mosquito traps that I blogged about earlier, but if the mosquitoes are just breeding in neighbors yards, then it's not doing a lick of good. Much to my vexation, the site of a recently demolished house a few blocks away from me is now a big, muddy pond. Other neighbors on my street have birdbaths. F*cking BIRDBATHS! Would it be rude to point out to them that these are mosquito breeding grounds? I mean, would it be more rude than allowing a mosquito breeding ground to persist in your yard?

I wish someone would invent a product like Advantage or Frontline for humans, only instead of repelling fleas and ticks, it would repel mosquitoes and ticks. There would be huge money in this! There's this patch, but I'm skeptical about how well it works. Of course, I don't want to have to use DEET on a regular basis. I have found a product called Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent which seems to work well, actually smells kind of nice, and claims it is natural, though the label still says it can be harmful.

I'm concerned because I'm having a barbecue soon, and I'd hate to have mosquitoes ruin it. I'm planning on having a box fan blowing on my back porch area, as well as having citronella candles (not sure how well these will work together).

Are the mosquitoes out of control in your garden? What are you doing about it?

Photo credits: undertheturnpike and smccann. Video credit: Kida Yasuo.