Dream Garden

At the moment, my gardening is limited by the fact that I'm actually renting, so I'm not going to invest in many perennial plants or expensive installations of beds and trellises. My time is limited to what I can manage on (dry) weekends by myself. Lately my time has been extra limited because of a few very busy weeks with work related things -- you may have noticed I haven't been blogging for a while. Sorry about that.

Here's what I'd have in my dream garden if I weren't limited by time or resources:

  1. Chickens. As a single dog and cat mother, I can't really take on the responsibility of any more animals right now. But I love reading about bloggers like Deetles, fast grow the weeds, and Bumblebee blog with chickens. I'm definitely getting chick envy. I'd love having fresh eggs from my own backyard everyday!

  2. A pond. With frogs and goldfish and maybe a little fountain. I'd have to find some treatment to prevent mosquitoes though.

  3. Ducks. Swimming in the pond. I hear they eat slugs and caterpillars but are quite a lot of work.

  4. A small goat. Maybe those fainting goats because they're so darn cute. I'd have to research which goats give the best milk -- home made goat cheese would be amazing. Must give a shout out to Idaho Small Goat Garden, which is the main source of my small goat envy.

  5. A bat house. Bats eat mosquitoes, and everyone hates mosquitoes. In case you haven't heard, right now bats in the Northeastern U.S. are suffering from a mysterious fungus that causes what's called white nose syndrome. Somehow the fungus disturbs the bats' hibernation causing them to starve over winter. Very sad.

  6. A green house. I'd love to have spring vegetables year round. I may even try making a mini cold frame in at least one of my garden beds this winter. But eventually, I'd love to have one I can walk into.

  7. Citrus trees. I'm a big fan of fresh squeezed citrus juice. I'd love as many of these as I could fit including grapefruits, tangerines, blood oranges, limes and lemons. I'm considering getting Meyer lemon tree in a container.

  8. Berry bushes. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. Who doesn't love berries? I actually had a few small blueberry bushes when I owned my place in Ithaca, but they only lasted one summer. This year I'm trying to grow some strawberries in a container.

I may have to wait till I'm retired to manage what's basically a mini-farm, but I can dream for now.

What's in your dream garden?

Photos from jamesmorton, Sifu Renka, Tambako the Jaguar, vtenger4047, bcostin, Andwar, shawnogram, and Martin LaBar.


  1. May all of your garden dreams come true - thanks for the mention...the chicks are pretty funny looking right now. They are getting their feathers in, kind of reminds me of a junior high kid going through their awkward phase! Still about 5 months away from eggs, but when the time comes I'll be sure to post a special first egg blog!

  2. such nice pictures you have here.

  3. Hi Valerie;

    I'm intersted in that bat house. Did you buy or build it? Terrible losses this winter in Vermont.

    George Africa
    The Vermont Gardener
    Vermont Flower Farm

  4. I do not have a bat house. I took the picture from flickr (the photographer is credited at the end of my post). Google "bat house" you will find plenty of places to buy them and instructions on how to build them.

  5. Oh man! I am so with you on dreaming about what my garden could be. For me, it's chickens. I would love to have a bunch! Now my wife, who does absolutely everything around here, is a little unsure, but next year... i'm going to start with 2! Can't wait.

  6. I asked my boyfriend last week what was his favorite animal he had growing up and his response was ducks. His father has Polish chickens which I envy and provide even us with plenty of eggs. After seeing the picture of that beautiful duck you posted, I would really like to have one. Do you know the name of it?