Shrimp and sausage gumbo

I loosely follow this Alton Brown recipe which includes a fool proof way to make roux (baking it in the oven) and a money saving trick to make shrimp stock from the shells. I use frozen shrimp that are deveined but have the shells on. The stock turns out fine for me even without the shrimp heads that Alton calls for. I don't measure the vegetables precisely -- I use one medium onion, one bell pepper, two stalks of celery, and about half a 16 oz can of tomatoes. I also went ahead and used the entire 12 oz package of andouille sausage though the recipe calls for half a pound. It turns out a little chunkier than Alton might have intended, but that's fine by me.

Adding the vegetable to the roux makes me wish I could capture a scent and post it on the internet. It's that amazing.

After adding stock, sausage, and shrimp; the finished product:

Served with brown rice (please excuse my old hand me down dishes):


  1. I gotta say, your pictures look more appetizing than the ones at the website.

  2. I must make this - like right now. HAHAHA