Even High Fructose Corn Syrup is on Twitter

An excellent entry in the Huffington Post by Tara Stiles explains how while HFCS may be metabolized by the body in a way that is identical to naturally occurring sugar, the fiber found in Real Food regulates the absorption of sugar and allows for the absorption of other nutrients. Without fiber, processed foods containing HFCS cause a spike in blood sugar, contributing to diabetes, with the excess sugar turning to fat.

The article also alerts us to the fact that someone is posing as anthropomorphized HFCS on twitter.

My favorite tweets:

"@allisonb17 Sound like someone will be turning to me for comfort in 4..3...2...1..."

"@Thinkreferrals A 4-day, veggie-only cleanse?? What's wrong with you humans? If I had a mouth I would've just thrown up in it a little."

"@stylestar I am delicious, and ubiquitous. What can I say? It's how man made me."

"@AdrienneAXK If you need to talk I'm here for you. Your ol' friend, high-fructose corn syrup. Happy to lend an ear. (That's a corn joke!)"

"@akrukowski A beverage without me is like coffee without a cigarette. (Perhaps that's not the best comparison...)"

"@Pandazing I don't photograph well. Comes with being a translucent liquid."

"@russmarshalek No doubt. My dream is to someday make it into a Kanye lyric. If anyone can rhyme something with fructose, it's Mr. West."

"@baileygenine Coffee's busy right now. We're playing cards with a bunch of fiber. Beatin' the crap out of 'em."

"@innovate Not part of any machine. Not a spokes-syrup for The Man. Just a complex carbohydrate lookin' to rid the world of syrupism."

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