Breaking ground on the white house garden today

From the White House Blog:

I love that Michelle is in the garden herself, doing the work with a simple garden rake, instead of hiring people to come in with a sod cutter. I also am in love with the idea of using this as an opportunity to educate children about where healthy food comes from.

Also via Garden Rant and the NY Times, this is the garden plan:

Seems really heavy on the leafy greens to me. No tomatoes? Cucumbers? Peppers? Using flowers in the borders is interesting though.


  1. I hope Michelle has some help - that's a pretty big garden to start off with. I think tomatoes, cukes, peppers and other warm weather crops will take the place of many leafy greens once it gets too hot for the green stuff. Can't imagine a White House garden without Pumpkins for the girls, also Sunflowers?

    Maybe Michelle is a more experienced gardener than I know, however, I think the beginning gardener should start with no more than 100 square feet - 10' by 10'. Look online at Better Homes & Gardens, ( Sunset magazine's website, and the major seed companies will all have basic plans for small gardens.

    PLANT WHAT YOU LOVE TO EAT that will grow in your area.


  2. OOohh.. gonna need to link to you for that nice blown up shot of the site.

    I have to agree also.. while I doubt that Michelle is going to be out there weeding and squashing aphids all the time, just the fact taht she's out there getting it started the hard way is pretty darn cool.

  3. This is The Year for new vegetable gardens all right. I am watching you and some of the other new veg gardeners to see how you do. We can't start until we put up a deer fence. I have a post on the White House garden that might make you laugh.

    Welcome to garden blogland!