Before pictures of the garden

After this post from Kerri Conan writing for Bitten, I'm much less ashamed to post a picture of my currently brown, crabgrass over-run garden area.

This photo was taken facing due north at about 2pm. (Cat included for scale.) The back property line of my yard spans two neighboring properties, hence the mismatched fence. The ivy on the left is covering a couple of tree stumps. I'm going to remove the ivy and just plant around the stumps and think of them as added charm.

This photo was taken facing north-west, also at about 2pm. The area in front of the shed gets full sun all morning, and in the summer, the shade will creep in later in the afternoon. This is where I planted the vegetables last year. This year I'm planning to extend the vegetable area out in front of the stumps more, and plant flowers along the back fence with the stumps as sort of a natural divider between the veggie area and the flower area. It's kind of haphazard, but I think it will work. I'm putting the taller plants further north, so they don't cast shade on the shorter plants.


  1. that looks like my yard! except flatter.. i dont let my kitty out to play though. hes pretty dumb.

  2. Dumb question - This will be my first garden at the 'new' house, so I have yet to decide where to place the beds. Should I be looking for 'where the sun does shine' at 2 pm? Thanks!

  3. Mae, I'm no expert, but I would observe your yard at different times of the day. Take note of which areas get morning, midday, and afternoon sun, and which, if any, are sunny all day. Then take into account that the sun will be higher in the sky later in the summer than it is now.

    I just mentioned 2 pm here to give a reference. For me, what's not pictured here but is in my newest post, there are trees along the eastern border of my back lawn. They cast shade on the most of the lawn very early in the morning, and on the eastern third most of the day. The center of the northern wall gets sun for nearly the whole day, then the western area right in front of the shed gets sun until the late afternoon. So that's why I'm concentrating my planting areas on the northern and western edges.