New Yorkers Try Composting With Worms, Indoors

New Yorkers Try Composting With Worms -
ON a recent Saturday afternoon, Stephanie Stern and her husband poured 1,000 wriggling red worms from a brown bag into a plastic bin outside their bathroom, looked down and hoped for the best.

If things went well, the worms, already burrowing into their bed of shredded newspapers, would soon be eating three pounds of food scraps a week, reducing the couple’s trash and producing fertilizer for their plants.

If not, the bin would stink up their one-bedroom apartment in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and attract clouds of fruit flies.
It's a noble effort to reduce putting stuff in a landfill, but that's only part of the benefit of composting. I don't think the risks of germs, mold, and stench is really worth it just to maybe feed some houseplants. Composting outdoors for an outdoor garden is much more beneficial as the compost can be used to replace nitrogen based fertilizers that can pollute the groundwater.

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